Selected Stories

“Riders” at CRAFT Literary – winner of the 2021 Flash Fiction Contest judged by Robert Lopez

“HomeView” at Sleepingfish

“Oral History of the Lansing Motors Second Annual Truck Touch (As Transcribed by Lisa Poole, Assistant Manager)” at AGNI (Issue 92)*

*a Best American Short Stories 2021 Distinguished Story

“Stuffed Animals” at Whiskey Island (Issue 72)

“Broken” at Little Fiction

“The Venom is the Juice” at Quarterly West

“Smoked Fish” at Superstition Review

“Gun In My Hand” at Split Lip Magazine (Print Issue #1)

“How I Forgot About Emma” at Beecher’s (Issue 7)

“When the Elephants Roam” at Copper Nickel (Issue 25)

“The Girl Who Could Float” at Gigantic Sequins* (7.2)

*Nominated for a Pushcart Prize

“The Carnival Man” at Knee-Jerk

“List of Items that Antonio Bandini (Professional Sword Swallower) Refuses to Swallow” at Matador Review

“Beethoven’s Fifth In C Minor” at SmokeLong Quarterly*

*Nominated for a Pushcart Prize and for the Best of the Net Anthology

“Caterpillar Knuckles” at Hobart

“When A Hitman” at Word Riot

“Where We Settle” at Yemassee (Spring 2015)

“Cherub Wings” at Cheap Pop

“Lifting Weight” at Blue Earth Review (Spring 2014)

“Man at a Café” at Literary Orphans